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Mars Colony :  39 Dark

Mars Colony: 39 Dark

39 Dark is a sequel to my 2010 game, Mars Colony. Like its predecessor, 39 Dark is a two-player, sci-fi RPG; however, this time the story is told from the perspective of the people. It’s a game about political freedom and standing up for what’s right.

Life on the burgeoning Martian colony is hard. In the midst of political corruption, equipment failure, extreme weather events, and civil rights crack-downs, a new voice has risen up from the people. That voice is the up-and-coming protest movement, 39 Dark, which is guided by its newly appointed leader, Lane Novak.

Mars Colony

Mars Colony

Political power and an isolated populace? Scandal never seemed so appealing.

The Colony was created by a coalition of Earth governments that advertised the project as a multi-national utopia. Now, after years of incompetence and disaster, the Colony is dying. You have been nominated to turn things around. While you were a celebrated expert on Earth, Mars is a different environment entirely. Good luck…

Hero’s Banner :  The Fury of Free Will

Hero's Banner

Grim fantasy meets the angst of indecision. Will you choose love, power, religion, allegiance, war, or betrayal?

Hero’s Banner: The Fury of Free Will is a fantasy roleplaying game with a razor sharp premise and elegant mechanics to match. Every character is faced with a choice between three mutually exclusive and world-changing paths to glory. Which will he choose, and what will he forever give up to achieve his goals?

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If you have any questions, comments, or even criticisms, please feel free to email me (tim “at” tckroleplaying “dot” com). I also post on Google+ (sometimes talking things out with a group of people can lead to new ideas), and I’m on Twitter (@tckoppang). I would love to read about your experiences with any of my games.    –Tim K